The Flash saves the DC Super Friends in a battle with Lex’s Mechanical Suit

Imaginext toys take fun to a whole new level and help kids to create their own storyline and nurture their creative mind.  In this review, we look at the Flash figure with the Speed Force Wheel under the Batman and DC Super Friends series.

The Flash figure is highly detailed and comes with translucent boots.  That help to protect his feet as he runs at light speed!

The Speed Force Wheel is sturdy, translucent and has bright yellow lightning at the sides.  The Flash figure can be placed inside the Wheel.

You can attach the lightning bolt shooter at the side of the wheel.  Once all the parts and figure are fixed in, it forms a lethal combination of high speed, thunderbolt action and tornado power!

The Flash is known for his super speed. Speeding to the crime scene and saving lives at lightning speed is the specialty of The Flash. This Imaginext toy consists of the Speed Force Wheel, The Flash action figure and the lightning bolt shooter.  The thunderbolt shooter can also be placed in The Flash's hand.

Watch as Superman fight the Lex’s Mechanical Robot, The Flash comes to the rescue with his super tornado power. By creating a tornado, Lex Luthor in his mechanical armor gets distracted and right then the superheroes get the perfect chance to defeat him. Imaginext Superman saves the day along with fastest hero in the world, The Flash.

The Flash speeds along with the Batmobile.

Lex Luthor is in for a surprise!

It's the Classic Batmobile with Batman and Robin.

It's a villain team-up with The Penguin and Captain Cold!!

Look out, Flash!  Captain Cold is ready to freeze you in your tracks with his cold gun, while the Penguin is dealing with Batman.

Imaginext Flash and Speed Force Wheel
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