The Black Imaginext Power Ranger & Mastadon Dino Megazord

Mastadon Megazord x Optimus Prime T-rex Team up!

The Imaginext Power Rangers Mastodon Dinozord Toy

If you’ve been looking for a unique gift idea inspiration for your 5-year-old, Imaginext’s Power Rangers’ Megazord toy fits the bill perfectly.

This high adventure toy fuels the kid’s imagination & creativity along with allowing them to have the fun playing out their favorite Power Rangers stories.

The Mastodon Dinozord lets the children experience the ultimate Power Rangers battle in a fun way. The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Megazord and the Mastodon Dinozord are all set to protect the earth from all the evil forces.

At the time of battle, the kids just need to turn the Power Pad to activate the Mastodon’s head action and push a button to fire projectiles from the 2 launchers on his back. Young Power Rangers fans love reenacting the battle scenes from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers shows or creating their own adventure.

What makes this Power Rangers Zord a good toy for kids?

This Imaginext Power Ranger Mastodon adventure is filled with heroes and villains, fun, and enough drama to engage the kids completely. The Megazord is a themed Imaginext toy with a great story and events to fuel kid’s imagination.

The Zord power rangers allow the kids to explore the Imaginext world by giving them a chance to re-create real-life situations, learning about themselves and others.

What are the features of the Power Rangers’ Mastodon Toy?

  • Excellent detailing and cool features such as ‘Turn Power Pad’ to thrust the Mastodon’s head forward and back.

  • The set includes Mastodon Dinozord, 2 projectile launchers & 4 projectiles along with Mighty Morphin Black Power Ranger figure

  • Black Power Ranger fits on Mastodon’s back perfectly

  • It features push button to fire projectiles for the ultimate adventure

Why is the Mastodon Toy a good set?

  • Mastodon toy inspires imagination and develop several skills in the child such as problem-solving, independence, language skills etc

  • This is an age appropriate, fun & adventure filled toy for your child that encourages imagination as well as being fun.

  • Whether it is ‘Turn Power Pad’ to thrust the Mastodon’s head forward and back or the cool feature of push button to fire projectiles for the ultimate adventure, your kid will never run out of the adventure with this Mastodon Dinozord.

So what are you waiting for? Give your children a chance to play for instant imagination and practice what they are learning.

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