The Penguin Copter takes flight from Imaginext Toys, in the Batman & DC Super Friends set

The Penguin challenge Batman for the control of the sky in one of the diabolical Imaginext toys set

Behold! It's the Penguin Copter!

The Penguin's newest ride, The Penguin Copter!

Batman watch out!  This Penguin launches Icy Penguin Head Torpedoes to blast its enemy away.

Holy Cow, Batman!  The Penguin is going in the Penguin Copter.  Does he even has the license to pilot it?!

Don’t mess with the Penguin! Kids can pull trigger under the Penguin Copter to activate spinning umbrellas which acts as propellers.

Uh ...Oh, Batman is a jam with Captain Cold and his freeze ray and The Penguin Copter.

Thanks Robin! That was a fast get-a-way.  Now let's turn back and get the baddies (Lex Luthor, Captain Cold and The Penguin Copter.

The Penguin Copter and The Penguin Submarine Imaginext Toy Team

The Dark Knight vs The Classic Batman

This Imaginext Toy Penguin Copter comes with The Penguin figure.  And if you are lucky - you can get the bonus Classic Batman figure!

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