Transformers Rescue Bots Copter Crane Blades Quick Review 

Summary :  It is well articulated as compared to the other figures of the Megabot series as you can turn his arms in a single direction and turn the helicopter blades behind his back.   Transformation is pretty straight-forward.  First place his arms to his sides and by squeezing the legs together, the front of the helicopter covers his head.  

Blades comes with a spring-loaded rescue claw which he can hold in his arm or attached to a string from Blades body in helicopter mode.  As you rotate the helicopter blades, the rescue claw can go up or down for rescue missions, just like in the show! The claw can open pretty wide and hold most standard Rescue Bots figures.  

For a deluxe figure, Copter Crane Blades' paint job is a little bland.  His head resembled an older version of Blades.




Character Likeness

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Transformers Rescue Bots Toys l Copter Crane Blades Review
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